Amateur Radio Station
QTH: Rockwall, TX, 75087
Coordinates: 96.30 W   32.57N
Grid Location: EM12sw
10 Meter Beacon on 28.259 mhz. 15 W into 1/2 wave
If you copied my beacon, please send a signal report and
your QTH to:

Thanks & 73's!
The beacon station consists of a Radio Shack HTX-100 transciever, a
homebrew programmable memory keyer, and a 1/2 wave vertical antenna.

The main station consists of a Kenwood TS-830S, 700 watt amplifier,
Hallicrafters S-108, and a backup rig: Kenwood TS-820S You can often find
me around 28.480 or 18.140 on weekends.
Other interest include vintage radios. (a collection of AM/SW wood-case
radios from 1930-1955, and early Hallicrafters receivers.)
W5RTX/B Beacon Station